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How to enter the business of stone enterprises

2015-01-21 19:13:14

According to iResearch released in 2013 China's Internet shopping market data, in 2013,China's online shopping market transaction scale reached 1.85 yuan, a growth of 42%. Such a large number of absolute is a piece of "fat meat" for all walks of life, even if is a traditional stone material industry, also have been playing his abacus, expand the market of electronic business affairs.

As a traditional industry of the stone industry, transformation and innovation is imminent, in theory, should be able to become a good remedy for stone marketing ushered in the back to march market of electronic business affairs. But in recent years, throughout the stone peopleelectric mining road, even the stone big shots, also do not let the stone dealers feel new hope.Several dealers have been observed on the formal operation can be seen in the number of customers, customer growth, platform and trading volume flow, regardless of growth rate,growth of the scale, compared with internet electric companies are hard to hold a candle.

No "net" adverse, test the Pathfinder pioneer

Dealers choose stone enterprise, whether it is active or passive embrace the Internet to achieve marketing, choice of transition, under the general trend has no choice. However, in the business pattern has been cured in the background, how to play the electric stone industry, the road is long, how to look at the water way.

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