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2015-07-31 10:50:50

Words: 2014 November 11, during the exposition in the 15th China(nanan) international stone fair, "the national stone" correspondent (hereinafter referred to as the "national stone") interviewed Pan ( stone material industrial association deputy secretary-general). This article, with the approval of the subject, according to the transcripts and authorize release. The economist and interviewed authorization, any media shall not be reproduced, otherwise we will be investigated for legal responsibility.

National stone ": a four-day the 15th China international stone fair (Southampton) head is nearing an end, as a stone industry specific staff responsible for specific management head, with a detailed, please talk about the stone fair this year and in different places, specific what are the characteristics?

Pan Pengzhang: the 15th China international stone fair (Southampton) head was successfully held on November 8 to 11, summary so three sentences: first, unprecedented. This enabled our new pavilion, the area is expanded more than 3 times, storey height also raised more than 3 times, equipped with eight galleries, a total of 9693 booths, display area of more than 410000 square meters; Individual enterprises, the effect of the exhibition area and exhibition arrangement can be said to be in before the 15 th show a leap ascension. Second, fascinating. At the opening ceremony of the exhibition is very popular this year, the scene is more than 10000 people, the museum because too many people, so put part of the personnel to go out, and four days of exhibition of more than 100000 people, more than double compared with previous size several times, this is the sentiment is wonderful; 2 it is to show the effect is very excellent, such as international exhibition, exhibition, art and some enterprises obviously, these galleries, booth has some new forms, and highlights, many audience feedback is this year's show is very beautiful; 3 it is propaganda is wonderful, can be said to be the whole media, full coverage, full time, print media, broadcast media, television media, network media, and the emerging network, WeChat etc, people every day to receive the mass the propaganda and reporting, and the propaganda and reporting is wonderful, is also in place. Third, the efficiency is very high. We set up the international pavilion of more successful, has the organization construction the Turkey hall, Italian pavilion, pavilion, the Brazilian pavilion, seven countries such as Pakistan, we are conservative estimates there are 3000 professional international stone industry customers. In addition, in the stone fair has more than 500 enterprises, over the last few days on the booth visit, I found that most exhibitors have received the order, or even several exhibitors received a large order of more than 30 square, with six or seven square order is very much also. Most exhibitors said that next year they will come to attend the stone fair, and hope to expand the exhibition.

The national stone: the stone is the theme of the expo "low carbon, high-end, culture, stone", then you can interpret the specific connotation for us?

Pan Pengzhang: we totally enclosed since 2006 under the idea of recycling and reuse, now the head of waste water in using, powder has been centrally transhipment, including we also encourage enterprises to carry out the technical transformation of some high-end equipment, effect is more noticeable in recent years. Now, as it were, before water is blue, the water is clear. We improved the overall production capacity, but the power consumption are lower than those of instead of the enterprise, it is embodied in enterprises are encouraged to introduce more advanced equipments, such as drying lines, more efficient cutting machine, so that "low carbon" reflects the goal of our pursuit, and we are already action for many years, and has achieved obvious effect. This is the first, low carbon. Successive exhibition tells us that if pure is the stone material processing, it is difficult to form a marketing efficiency has increased, so we also encourages enterprises to high-end products, brand and marketing model of innovation, have sprung up in recent years in the high-end good ideas as the no. 5 warehouse, high-end products like rice NSN, kass corvino, supreme building materials and so on high-end marketing model. We also encourage some business transformation process, such as sunrise, from simple do plank to have art ornaments. Second, high-end. We know that a nation and a country, to only culture for a long time, so our culture we've been introduced to product and injection of cultural elements, especially we strengthen the exploration of cross-border cooperation in recent years, such as stone, stone material and life with furniture, stone material and design, stone material and craft industry, etc. The innovative cooperation, purpose is to infuse element of a culture, we can use culture stone elements to increase the value of the products, so as to improve enterprise's profit space, only such enterprises have the strength, competitive, so culture is also our head stone leading other stone industry base is a necessary means of with the core competitiveness. Third, culture, we head stone no matter from the capacity, output, including the upper reaches of the mines, the downstream market, we are all occupies the leading position and powerful voice, so only constantly build and enhance our head of regional brand. Since 2009, we started creating regional brand and has been everyone's approval and recognition, also laid the stone center position, so this year to all international customers, the stones are very agree with our world's position.

"National stone" : we have noticed that the stone expo opening ceremony, has released the first stone index - "China head stone index", nanan stone industry to enter the era of "index", would you please introduce what are the elements of stone material index, how to release cycle, the head of the stone material development have what effect?

Pan Pengzhang: it should be said that our nanan municipal party committee and nanan government attaches great importance to the work of stone index, we change by hair bureau set up the stone, authorized to operate the head index construction in China. This index, from preparation to operation, we have been preparing for more than six months, the early stage of the entrust a specialized institutions, using the statistical method, design the module and the model of index, the index we have more than 300 sample companies, we will be a regular sampling, a week after finishing, the module of accounting and form two plates, one is the price index, a sentiment. Price index, a week in index posted on the website; Sentiment, release every month. "Index" work is very important, because of the "index", we can make some of the investment enterprises, including some trade, policy making, has a scientific basis, can have a whole can touch to feel, so "index" for us to guide and lead the direction of the stone industry development has an epoch-making significance, "index" also united the index academy, China's official xinhua news agency, China minsheng bank financial department and our bureau, quanzhou and Southampton to release, so the work should be we make one of the important measures to stone.

"National stone" : from "the hometown of stone" into "the world of stone", the development course of head has experienced the hardships, could you please briefly introduce how head stone industry development to today's?

Pan Pengzhang: the first stage of development. Head of the first stone enterprises, was born in 1990. Specifically, from 1990 to 1998, this stage, everyone is using the disc machine, all processing this kind of domestic granite. In 1993, the second phase, we head dongsheng, first import of granite processing, and then drive the people start to operate the high value-added products, this is an evolution on the product structure. After 1995, especially in the dongsheng again the introduction of imported marble, realize the evolution of the product structure and rich. The third stage, in 1998, is also the government leading, dongsheng lead, set up a minnan building materials market, since then stepped into a stage of professional market. In just half a year since the market was established to create awareness of the head in the domestic, and rapidly promote the development of our head stone industry and prosperity, he achieved this a benign interaction between market and industry. The era of "market". The fourth stage, also in 1999, we started the annual stone fair, after 15 years of development, the stone exposition become a barometer of the whole transformation and upgrading of the industrial development, become a passing trade industry information, new technology, new product new equipment and professional personnel exchanges and set a "stage", namely "the exhibition era". Stage 5, 2000, we introduced the conley, begin to large enterprises, large-scale exploration, we gradually from the breakthrough of 100 mu, to 300 mu, 300 mu, the emergence of the large-scale benchmark enterprise, namely "age". The sixth stage, is universal, we introduce 2003 began to promote the corporate culture and management level of water head, entered the age of a professional management and setting up enterprise culture. The "era of modern enterprise. The seventh stage, beginning in 2006, we entered the era of totally enclosed, systemic circulation, reuse, also is what we call "low-carbon era". In this year, we gain, no matter the size of the stone fair, effect, or attendance, stride enhanced more than 3 times, head start into the "exhibition will age". In each process, party committees at all levels, the government has poured into human and measures, regardless of each process is inseparable from the role of the government, is also our head stone industry is the result of joint efforts. We head stone people, have a kind of smart, generous, dare to rush, to dare to fight, will win spirit, we are not exclusive, we welcome friends all over the world, we also go to all over the world, to be able to "buy the world, selling the world" to lay a "stone world" this status, this also is "the hometown of stone" to "the world of stone" several times and mental strength.

"National stone" : currently, the decline in the heat of the domestic stone industry development, said the industry had a "cold current", as researchers involved in the stone industry association, the question of how do you think the current, head of stone enterprises how to get out of the "trap"?

Pan Pengzhang: objectively, head of stone enterprises in the whole economy big situation, does also fell, atrophy, from a macro point of view, should be a kind of science, the phenomenon of natural law, is also a kind of normal industry reshuffle and restructuring of the phenomenon. For a long time, we are big group and big industry, head of enterprise capital and strength is very strong, so we head enterprise in the face of the recession, there are full of information and understanding, of course we have some related measures for assistance. For example, we will increase to the whole marketing development assistance, including exhibition promotion and promotion effect, etc. From the financial means, we establish a stone, stone enterprises provide financing, loan, the turnover of short-term support; We also strengthened cooperation with minsheng bank, mines, factories, improve market and industry, will give enterprise financial support. Boot from the enterprise, we organize and guide stone enterprises in product structure, marketing mode, market segmentation, to explore new markets, as well as basic innovations, improve management and cost control, etc., guide enterprises to reform and deepen, help enterprise good "internal strength". On marketing, we will encourage enterprises to strengthen the standardization of product, brand, and decorative modular. As we know, domestic outfit's market share is far greater than tooling market share, and later this year, we will continue to strengthen, home decoration and design industry market and small decorate a company to further cooperation, we will be more conscious, more efforts to promote stone enterprises into "the market" and occupation. From the upstream to solve problems. Especially this piece of mine resources, we encourage more enterprises to go out and head to control mine, acquiring mining, because it determines the cost problem of stone enterprises, there should be hundreds of companies in the world, we head across the country have wholly owned mines, in mine or holding mine. We will also intensify government regulation, especially the relatively backward production capacity, big pollution, high energy consumption of enterprises. In conclusion, in the face of the big industry downturn, our head of full confidence and ability to cope.

The national stone: national chamber of commerce for stone industry, and the head stone industry in what aspects has the cooperation space and prospect?

Pan Pengzhang: first of all, I thank you on behalf of the organizing committee of the national chamber of commerce for stone industry, over the years the head of the concern and support, especially for our stone exposition for help. Second, the national chamber of commerce for stone industry, as a national industry organization, inter-district exchanges and cooperation in the industry development direction, industry should provide more opportunities for cooperation and communication platform. Third, for our head stone industry, we hope on the propaganda and the chamber of commerce functions, can give us more support and help. Fourth, the new national stone magazine, it should be said that the overall level is very high, the main content is pretty good; I'm looking forward to this publication more ground, because of the media, must focus on content, rather than the pursuit of advertising effectiveness. In the print media surrounding the head should be no less than 100, but rarely do contents, mostly in advertising, quickly became a "dead" in the market, no one will remember. So, I'm looking forward to this publication more ground, can have more head length, at the same time also wish the national stone is doing better!

The national stone ": how do you evaluate participating merchants of the stone fair, for after the stone fair what kind of expectations do you have?

Pan Pengzhang: for this year's exhibition, including the booth, field effect and popularity, the participating merchants at home and abroad are quite satisfactory. As a result of our showroom is a relatively temporary buildings, so in the layout, field management and related supporting detail, there are still some problems, foreign exhibitors merchants also puts forward some Suggestions to us, we will be targeted to improve and perfect, make we have higher next year's exhibition. This stone fair has just ended, we established the 16th exhibition organizing committee immediately. First, we next year's exhibition, there will be a larger scale and more highlights, next year we will more than double this year. We will increase the Turkish Aegean association group, Iran's association group association, the association group, Italy, Brazil group, this several days have organizers and association has carried on the preliminary discussions and the preliminary opinions; Domestic stone material production areas will be set up groups, such as yunfu, xinjiang, Inner Mongolia, hubei, HuiAn stone production areas, etc. Second, we will organize some stone of "second generation" entrepreneurs, setting up creative ascension process, organize a dozen stone of "second generation" entrepreneur of the museum display design and technology, such as the supreme stone, global stone, Kathy corvino and other similar brand route, a display mode of breakthrough and innovation, by showing technologize of content, artistic, creative life embodies and experience, to create a completely new model. Third, on the propaganda, the organizing committee will bring more material resources and financial resources, manpower to organize professional audiences and purchasing group, create more business opportunities for all exhibitors, creating the world's most effective stone TTF attending. In march next year we will organize team overseas, in countries such as Turkey, Iran, Brazil promotional activities; All over the country, the main market to promote stone material production and consumption. And opens a new propaganda work mechanism, set up special planning, from the media carrier, content, means, highlights of digging, etc., for the control and drive; Exhibition will be global, national promotion, we believe the exhibition next year is bigger, the audience will be more, the effect will be better. Fourth, exhibition promotion next year, we will build the fixed stone pavilion, enable the fixed facilities, property management companies, get more promotion in the details, to greater ascension and promote stone fair. At the same time, welcome the national chamber of commerce for stone industry and the national stone to visit guidance.

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