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Shuitou Town, located in the southern coastal city of Nanan, China stone city. Bordering withXiamen Special Economic Zone, Quanzhou "South Gate" is called. The town area of 117 square kilometers, population 103000, is a Taiwanese overseas Chinese town, FujianProvince, the first batch of industrial satellite town named, for three consecutive years by theprovincial Party committee, the provincial government named the "ten good civilized town",and is the national Ministry of construction for the approval of the construction of small towns pilot towns. Living overseas dear 45500 people, mainly distributed in Southeast asia. Is one of the main origin of Han nationality of Taiwan compatriots. Otherwise the same name energy unit.


Embedded in the "China Township building in Nanan" -- a bright pearl, is located in the State Road 324 line 230KM, Zhejiang, Fuzhou to Xiamen, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and the southern coast of Quanzhou connecting the mainland part of the land. Xiamen International Airport,Jinjiang Qingyang airport are about; Shijing port 5000 ton wharf almost in sight. A scale pan long development zone, College under the industrial zone, Winsor Industrial Park, as well asHaosheng, SYC, Venus, Feida, Pengcheng well-known manufacturers distribute their side,such as zhongxinggongyue like, become a gathering of people, logistics, information.

At present, the city of Nanan has more than 4000 home building materials enterprises, with an annual output value of 13500000000 yuan, paid taxes 212000000 yuan, the main building materials industry has stone, ceramic, cement, plumbing, fire fighting equipment, steel pipe,aluminum, electrical and mechanical hardware, including stone production

More than 350, more than 800 ceramics production enterprises. The industry distribution,building materials enterprises mostly concentrated in the head, Guan Qiao, Shijing and other coastal towns, only Shuitou Town has more than 500, the total output value of 2000000000 yuan; the business situation, the scale of production enterprises of building materials such asstone industry scale, annual production capacity of up to 40000000 square metres of stonematerial, process material up to 5000000 yuan the above products, full style, excellent quality,there are stone plates, profiles, thin profile, processing materials, color material, dyeingmaterial and so on, are exported to Japan, Southeast Asia, Western Europe, South America,Africa in more than 10 countries and regions, as well as the national each big city, forming arich variety of raw and auxiliary materials, style and complete large scale production,marketing network, complete industrial system. Building materials industry is now in Nanannational economy "half of the country", then created the position of pillar industry it isunshakable, as Nanan's economy propped up a blue sky, Nanan has therefore been officially named as the "township of Chinese building materials".

In the transaction process of building products, the municipal Party committee, City Hallguidance consciously, at present the town water formed a sold at home and abroad all kinds of stone, the average daily sales of 3000 square meters, the annual turnover exceeding 100 million yuan building materials wholesale market. But with the rapid development of building materials industry, the lack of a unified market control management function, loose disorderly,disorderly competition in the building materials wholesale market, far can not meet the hugedemand for building materials products trade expanding. Therefore, in promoting thetransformation of the building materials enterprises to upgrade, drive the development of the third industry, after full investigation and argumentation, the town decided to follow the "big market, big business, big circulation" requirement and the "high starting point plan, the construction of high speed, high level management" goal, construction of large-scale Minnanfirst building material market in the superior geographical position Shuitou Town, build a set ofcommercial bank, post and telecommunications, exhibition, catering, security, parking, and other supporting facilities of the "building materials supermarket", make it become the stoneas a leader, run ceramics, plumbing, fire fighting equipment, electrical and mechanical hardware, sanitary ware, lighting accessories and other products of the large national building materials wholesale market, radiation throughout the country, of the Asia Pacific, has become the international building materials people, property, materials, information flow is an important distribution center.


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