Exhibition Time: 
Nov.8-11, 2015: 8:30am - 5:30pm

Venue:  Shuitou International Exhibition Center, Nan'an, China

Admission:  Trade visitors only

Exhibit Range:  Stone and Stone Machinery

Address: Cathay Stone Mall,Hailian Industrial Zone, Shuitou, Nan’an, Fuyjian, China

P.C.: 362342

Tel: +86-595-86993344

Fax: +86-595-86990077

Email: tdad86993344@126.com

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Shuitou--The Stone Capital of the World 1/3 Exports from Shuitou through Xiamen Port are Stones. Thanks to the rich stone resource in Fujian Province, Shuitou stone industry develops rapidly. According to the Customs Statistics Data, Shuitou has become the world’s largest stone trading center, with its transaction volume representing over 60% in China, 15% in the Globe. Industrial Base: Shuitou is  the largest Stone processing base, with over 1200 trading companies and 10,000 stone processing factories in its neighboring area. Excellent Port: There are many distribution centers ...

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